External Modeling Packages

This is a list of modeling packages built upon the JuliaDiffEq ecosystem.


DynamicalSystems.jl is a package for the exploration of continuous and discrete dynamical systems, with focus on nonlinear dynamics and chaos.

It uses DifferentialEquations.jl for all evolution regarding continuous systems while still retaining unified interface for discrete systems.

A quick summary of features: Lyapunov exponents, generalized entropies (Renyi entropy), generalized & fractal dimensions, delay coordinates embedding (reconstruction), chaos detection, Lyapunov exponents of a numerical timeseries, finding periodic orbits of any order for maps.


BioEnergeticFoodWebs.jl is a package for simulations of biomass flows in food webs.


SwitchTimeOpt.jl is a Julia package to easily define and efficiently solve switching time optimization (STO) problems for linear and nonlinear systems.


VehicleModels.jl is a package for simulating vehicle models.


MADS.jl is a package data and model analysis. It adds many sensitivity analysis, uncertainty quantification, and model selection routines.


QunatumOptics.jl is a package for simulation of quantum systems.